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McGraw-Hill Education Wants You (And Your Tech Talent, Too)
In a matter of weeks, colleges across the nation will graduate some of the brightest digital minds of their generation. These rising stars of tech will apply for positions at Google, Facebook and any number of trendy startups and gaming companies. Others will take a less predictable path. Some of the brightest minds in technology are thinking outside of the employment box and joining one of the richest startups in ...
The Epic Leadership Challenge: Part 3 of 4
The transformational leadership challenge (part THREE in a four part blog series):  Disrupt and transform an old economy print textbook business into a personalized learning, educational technology and services powerhouse! In the second part of this four part blog series, I wrote about “talent” as the essential first step of three (talent—culture—strategy) to reimagine a company.  When a team forms a habit of losing, the culprit is always bad leadership, ...
The Epic Leadership Challenge: Part 2 of 4
THE CHALLENGE Re-invent an old economy print textbook publisher and build it into a high growth personalized learning, educational technology and services powerhouse. In the first part of this four part series, I established the need to build a leadership “lighthouse” when taking on leadership challenges that are complex and fraught with peril.  In the case of re-inventing McGraw-Hill Higher Education, the challenge was epic.
The Epic Leadership Challenge: Part 1 of 4
THE CHALLENGE Re-invent an old economy print textbook publisher and build it into a high growth personalized learning, educational technology and services powerhouse.   CONTEXT Every business and industry in the world is being disrupted or soon will be, including the college textbook industry.   Unfortunately, nearly all leaders across all industries wait until their businesses are on the precipice before they act and by then it is almost always too late.
Leadership and Second Chances
The Great American Invention I remember the moment I stopped paying attention in Mr. Johnson’s fourth grade math class.  I liked reading, didn’t like math.  Shutting down therefore seemed sensible in the mind of a nine year old. I also recall what it felt like sitting on a bus heading to basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, as my buddies headed off to university.  I remember that moment, too A Uniquely ...
A Solution to The Greatest Challenge of Our Time?
The Saddle River School is an exclusive private school a town over from where I live.  It is a beautiful school that provides a wonderful learning environment (lush lawns, classic architecture), along with a seven to one student to teacher ratio.  Seven to one!  Think about how incredibly fortunate those students are to have that level of personalized learning facilitated by master teachers. It is a can’t-miss advantage for life. What ...
“Oh” – Ignore it at your own Risk
Two years ago, I had the occasion to have lunch with one of the world’s most celebrated CEO’s and his wife, a substantial executive, author, and marketer in her own right.  During the course of the conversation, she asked me about my strategy for using Twitter. “I plan to open an account next week.”  I said “Oh.”  She politely replied and then elegantly changed the subject. Oh. At the time I was the Senior ...
Leaders Change the Conversation – Let’s Do It!
Last Friday I received a call from my sister, Donna. She is a busy executive with three school-aged children and one of my best friends. When we get the chance to talk, it’s never about our jobs. Friday’s conversation was different. Donna read about the McGraw-Hill and Apple partnership that was announced on Thursday and called to talk about education.
The Lesson of a Lifetime
It seemed like a misprint. I tried hard to find the number one in front of it.  No, it was clearly just an 8. I knew that I had stopped paying attention during Math classes around the fourth grade, but an 8!?  I had scored an 8 on the ACT in Math. Welcome to the Army, Private Kibby! Soon after, I found myself on a slow and very long ride to ...
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